ArtReach 2016 – A Success Story for young artists

ArtReach 2016 – A Success Story for young artists

ArtReach 2016 concluded in spectacular fashion as 5 winners were selected from the huge range of entries submitted to Ely Police. Many of the pieces of art will be displayed around the Police Station to brighten up the usual dull white walls and remind the local force why they are here and give a better connection to the area.
Sargeant Phil Priestley and Sarah Scaites-Stokes have worked hard to get the publicity driven for the competition and then set up the awards ceremony with thanks to the Haywards Theatre and Kings School.
5 very prominent judges were called including the Police & Crime Commissioner Sir Graham Bright and Professor Jen Michel Messing from the Art History department at Cambridge University. The other judges are Mayor of Ely Cllr Lis Every, DCI Donna Wass and Chief Constable Alex Wood.
Each was to award prizes to their selected categories but before the awards Prof Messing spoke about how impressed he was with all the entries and how he felt East Cambs had such talent that he expected to see at one of the entrants go on to achieve great things in the art world.
Sir Graham Bright even went on to express his delight at one particular entry. That of Zara Smith and thankfully after a campaign to find Zara through Spotted in Ely, she was able to attend. A deal was struck between Sir Bright and Zara for the picture to be on display in his personal office.
The 5 categories are: under 10’s, 11 – 13 years, 14 – 16 years, 17 – 18 years and entrants with learning difficulties or disabilities not defined by their age.
The Under 10’s were shortlisted to: Anne Marie Godby; Ellie Chappell; Archie Ware; Shae Kennedy. The winner being Anne Marie Godby.
The 11-13’s: Lauren May Baumber; Tashi Hansen du Toit; Aiden Macconachie; Zara Smith. Lauren May won this category.
The 14-16’s: Eve Henderson; Flora Hay; Cecily Marsh; Adam Sheffield. Eve came out on top.
Next the 17 and 18’s with 2 shortlisted: Chelsea Harrison; Megan Forder. With Chelsea winning this prize
The last was the supportive learning category with no defining age: Jack Mumford; Harry Liptrot; Lucy Marshall; Isabelle Spear; Zoe Sulman. Congratulation to Jack for winning.
Sargeant Priestly said, “It was incredibly difficult to single out the most exceptional pieces and the work that has been provided has divided opinion enormously. I know that the Chief Constable, Alec Wood, wanted to give particular recognition to a piece that wasn’t short listed. The young artist is named Harry Redman – and Harry we will be in touch to make sure that happens.
“Additionally, the Police & Crime Commissioner felt so strongly about a piece submitted by Zara Smith that it will be hanging in his office, and a prize bundle has been arranged for Zara too.
“This is all about the incredible hidden artistry of our young people in East Cambridgeshire. When we set out on the jouney of ArtReach 2016 we thought we would discover something special. We clearly have.”
Plans to have ArtReach 2017 are already underway since 2016 has proven successful.
Sargent Priestley would also like to thank the following people and in no particular order:
Sir Graham Bright
Cllr Lis Every
Prof. Jean Michel Massing
Chief Constable Alec Wood
DCI Donna Wass
Sarah Scaites-Stokes
Jessica Ives
The Police Cadets of Soham
Venue Audio Visual
Kings School Ely
and of course, every parent, carer, teacher, school, and young person who made their own personal contribution.



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