Arts Week at Witchford Village College

Over the last four days of the Summer Term, students were encouraged to explore their creative potential during our Arts Week. Teaching staff were very innovative with their lesson plans and students rotated through creative projects with many that were academically based.
During Science lessons students had the opportunity to build a hot air balloon and then test it, some did fly but some also burst into flames. They also made paper cross-sections of dissected frogs and rats to investigate how frogs and rats work biologically. Some students tried their hand at stop-animation with some great success. We were also lucky enough to be visited by the COSMOS Roadshow which is powered by Cambridge Science Centre. This is an interactive hands-on exhibition that students thoroughly enjoyed exploring. The team also ran a workshop, Go Ballistic, where students explored why Tim Peake didn’t fall to Earth and what he has in common with a human cannonball.
In the English block students made their own board game based around their favourite book and also designed and built sets for their books. There were some very imaginative creations, with sets from a Vietnam War Poem to Frankenstein and Of Mice and Men. The Maths Department investigated Mathematical patterns and puzzles. They produced their own logo patterns, impossible drawings and fractal patterns. They used the Chinese Tangram puzzle to form specific shapes. Other students explored the patterns they could make with curve stitching, Celtic knots and quadrilateral spirals. Making  Multilink Islamic patterns was another option for them to explore.
In the Humanities corridor students explored the Japanese art of Origami. In this art of paper-folding students transformed flat, square sheets of paper into model animals and aeroplanes. The Catering Department used dried foodstuffs to produce artwork and modelled fondant icing into skulls. The Art department looked into drawing to music and explored the work of Wassily Kandinsky.
The PE department tasked students to produce a video of a ‘Perfect Model’. They looked at a particular skill for a particular sport and made a video to show how to execute the skill or movement perfectly. These resources will then be used within the College.
During the week a large group of students started rehearsals for the College’s forthcoming production of School of Rock. They are building up to performances in December.
Throughout the week a large amount of busking had taken place during break and lunch time. This culminated in a well-received performance by Da Mo’ Bro’s, our very brave staff!
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