Asha Makes Another Wig Possible with a Chop for Little Princess

More and more youngsters with long hair are taking part in selfless acts to help young people with cancer.

Ely College student 12-year-old Asha Taylor is another young woman with hair currently measuring about 14 inches who is prepared to chop off the minimum 12 inches needed to make these wigs.

Hannah Tarplee courtesy of Little Princess Trust
Hannah Tarplee courtesy of Little Princess Trust

The Little Princess Trust started in 2006 by the parents of Hannah Tarplee along with friends of her school. Hannah passed away in 2005 after battling a Wilms tumour.
Harry Styles of One Direction really brought the charity into the national limelight after donating his ponytail to the trust and since then thousands of girls and women in the UK have donated.
Like all the others before her, Asha must donate a minimum of 12 inches of hair but she has decided to use the opportunity to try and raise around £350 which is the cost of making a wig once the have the hair available.
You can come and watch Asha have her hair chopped on 26th November at 4pm at her home, 11 Longfields and as a bonus, you can come and some newborn puppy cuddles as well as with Ellie of Ely – The Spotted in Ely Dog.
If you are unable to attend and donate then please help Asha raise the £350 she would like to raise by visiting her Just Giving page: 

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