Bad Parking? After this weeks Police activity, you have been warned

Bad Parking? After this weeks Police activity, you have been warned

PCSO Maria RobinsonA round up of this weeks activity on parking and traffic reassurance work at our local schools.
Our PCSOs have visited Millfield Primary (Littleport) St. Mary’s, St. John’s, Weatheralls (Soham), and Isleham Primary.
The officers have responded to concerns with a mixture of guidance, words of advice and the issuing of 18 fixed penalty notices (of £30).

Where appropriate Traffic Offence Reports have been submitted and two drivers have been reported for more serious offences which might incurr a £100 fine and/or 3 penalty points on their license.
The two more serious offences included parking on chevrons in breach of a prohibition, and an allegation of driving without due care.
Overall we have been incredibly grateful for the positivity that has been shown towards us by members of the public, by parents and by teachers.
As we have revisited schools we have seen an improvement in the situation, and this has been confirmed by the messages of support that you’ve been sending us.
Sgt Ryan Carter has said:

“Officers have been instructed to operate with a degree of discretion around the issuing of penalty notices and we’re very keen to see that this work serves a longer term purpose of making the roads around our schools safer for our children.
We have another week of activity planned, and our PCSOs will continue the good work that they have started.
What’s more pleasing is the dialogue that this work has encouraged on social media and in the local press. It has made people more mindful of this issue. We are always really pleased to hear feedback from the community and the ideas that people offer us for long term reassurance measures”

PCSO Maria Robinson said on meeting with children

“It’s great to see the children and keep them safe. That’s the main thing. We’ve had great feedback from parents and teachers encouraging our activity, but we do want to keep a balance in what we’re doing and we want to be fair to everyone.”

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