Bar-ology alive and kicking despite bizarre rumours circulated in local paper

Bar-ology alive and kicking despite bizarre rumours circulated in local paper

Bar-ology is here to stay and expand claims Rob Gilkes, owner of Ely’s newest late night cocktail bar.

Despite a bizarre news article published today by a local newspaper on their website, the venue on Forehill is not closing, selling or changing its name in any way. In fact, it has plans to expand.

Liquid Ely Limited is the company of which Rob is listed as Manager Director but Bar-ology Ltd trades as a single entity and the lease was signed last year through agent Carter Jonas.
“This story was more relevant when we took over the building some eight months ago but putting this story out today has led to many rumours circulating that we’ve already sold out which could not be further from the truth.
“Saturday sees us opening the first floor as both a tapas and dance area”, says Mr Gilkes. “We have invested thousands of pounds and thousands of hours with workers and contractors getting this building back to usable condition.”
The story – written by a newspaper whose journalists are not based in Ely – has clearly had an impact on employees as they began to quiz Mr Gilkes after the story broke, worried about their jobs.
“This single story could cause us some real damage just as we get started.
“This is why we’ve turned to Spotted in Ely to get the word out, We are here, open every day and not going anywhere.”
From Saturday, Bar-ology becomes a two-floor venue.
Downstairs is a bar and dance floor with the latest music and the first floor will be a tapas bar with old school dance fillers from the 80’s, 90’s and noughties.
Rob says “Everyone is welcome on Saturday from 6pm to come and sample our new Tapas food on the first floor.”
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