Barstool Angel's take Quiz Crown at the Drayman's

20160125_212040Not only does it turn out that the Barstool Angel’s are incredible musicians but they are quizzing legends as they stormed into first place at the Drayman’s Son Charity Quiz Night to celebrate Robbie Burns.
Dubbed “The Burn’s Night Quiz”, the pub on Forehill decided to host the event the Guide Dogs Charity for which Jo and Andy Pearson have been collecting for since they bought the pub back in July last year.
Quizmaster Andy Pearson is becoming know for his very unusual style of asking questions which he also writes. Often he will tell you a fact and then completely switch the question in another direction to throw you off the scent. Tom, Clare, Deborah and Gerry from the Barstool Angels proved their general knowledge was superior on the night.
8 teams competed in total and along with the raffle more than £150 was raised taking the Drayman’s Son total for the charity to just over £1000 in 7 months.
Winners: Bar Stool Angels with 43 out of 60.
2nd Place: 3 Teds & the Mrs, 39½ points.
3rd Place: Second Date with 38¼.
The wooden spoon went the Harlequins with 32½.

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