Beware the Fraudster named Daniel

Beware the Fraudster named Daniel

Cambridgeshire County Council have today issued a warning for everyone within the area to be on the alert for phone calls allegedly from an individual called Daniel. He is preying on residents over the phone saying he is working on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council.
Unlike “Daniel”, the CCC say that they would give a name and phone number for those wanting to verify their legitimacy.
The reason for Daniels call is to see if you have had an accident in your home and would then clearly start to tell you how you could claim against your local authority.
If you or someone you know receives such a call then call the Police on 101 who can handle your concerns.
The CCC offer the following advice:
If someone says they are from the County Council, get their name and tell them you will call them back. Phone our General Enquiries line on 0345 045 5200 and ask to be put through to the named officer.
• Be wary of all unsolicited calls. They might start by asking about ‘your recent accident’ or ‘your recent fall’ or ‘your claim for PPI’ or ‘your computer problems’. They say it to everyone. They don’t know you.
• Don’t ever give out any personal or financial information over the phone.

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