Bottom Sniffer dog 'grog' launched in Soham

Bottom Sniffer dog 'grog' launched in Soham

Boozehounds beware!
The phrase “hair of the dog” will take a whole new meaning this Saturday (May 21) when Scampers pet shop near Soham opens up a ‘pop up pub’ to celebrate the launch of Woof & Brew’s new ‘Bottom Sniffer’ dog beer.
You heard correctly. An alcohol free beer specifically aimed at our canine friends, designed to appeal to dogs’ sensitive sense of smell.
13173671_1210329408977984_5665385325920102843_n13254187_1214765775201014_1632091935734876000_nAccording to Scampers’ Facebook page, “The average dog nose is anywhere between 10,000 to 100,000 time more sensitive than ours.
“Sniffing each other bottoms is more than a doggy hello or ‘hand shake’. Did you know dogs are able to sense emotional status, gender and diet of other dogs.
“With a 96% palatability approval rate Bottom Sniffer also helps to create an ‘odour’ that gives status and respect they deserve amongst their doggy peers when being bottom sniffed.”
Barking mad or paw-sitively paw-some? Let your pooch try the hooch and decide for him or herself!
Scampers can be found at 25 Northfield Crossroads, Soham, Cambs CB7 5UF.
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Bone appetit!


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