Brave Michelle battled breast cancer at just 32

Brave Michelle battled breast cancer at just 32

At the age of just 32, Ely mum Michelle Black heard two words that would change her life: “breast cancer”.
Having just had her second child, Michelle was shocked to discover she had the disease at such a young age.
“I couldn’t take in what was happening and was scared of what the future held for me and my family.”
Dreading the worst, the former Ely College student was relieved to discover that thanks to advances in medicine and science, she did not have to undergo chemotherapy.

Michelle on the right, pictured with husband Andrew and children Joshua, six, and Elianna, two.

“I can’t stress enough how important research into cancer is – if it wasn’t for research I would have had to go through chemotherapy without a doubt. I was able to have an extra test performed on my tumour which indicated chemotherapy wouldn’t add any benefit to my treatment and was spared the awful side effects.”
On Sunday women from across Cambridgeshire will be taking part in the Cambridge Race for Life to raise much needed funds for Cancer Research.
Brave Michelle, who took part in last year’s event, says: “I for one am truly grateful for all the money Race for Life and other events like this raise to fight against cancer.
“I’m now 35, having just had my second risk reducing mastectomy, and enjoying life with my family and friends to whom I’m also very grateful to for all the support they have given and continue to give me.”
Seven months after her diagnosis, Michelle, second from right, did the Race for Life. She is pictured with, from left, Cass (who was six months pregnant at the time!), Hannah, Bev and Emma.

Mum to Joshua, six, and Elianna, two, Michelle advises other women to check for lumps in their breasts, regardless of their ages, and to seek help sooner rather than later if they have any concerns.
Every year since her diagnosis, Michelle’s parents host a private event to raise money for breast cancer charities.
The next one is on July 24 and Michelle is looking for raffle prizes. If anyone can donate a prize please contact

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