Calls to protect your drinks as claims of spiked drinks in Ely

There are now 2 reports of someone spiking drinks this weekend and both young women ended up being treated, one in A&E and the other through paramedics.

Twitter user @finlaytabor announced, “To everyone in Ely…please be careful. My sister had her drink spiked over the weekend in the Townhouse and is now okay thanks to her great friends, but she did end up in A&E very sick from it, so girls please look after yourself and watch your drinks!”.

In response to the tweet, @xanthemiller_ claimed this also happened to them some weeks earlier.

Mum of another such victim has contacted us and asked to remain anonymous but is currently reporting to the Police.

She states, “My daughter only had 4 drinks! She said she could hear us all but couldn’t move. It’s a good job I sat up with her all night as she was throwing up whilst totally out of it!! Scary stuff!! She could have died inhaling her vomit. We are so lucky and grateful to the paramedics who stayed with her for 2 hours.”.

Back in December last year, Spotted in Ely in association with several agencies re-launched the “Ask for Angela” campaign and while this is primarily set to help someone escape an awkward situation, if you feel your drink has been tampered with, then you can still Ask for Angela to seek urgent assistance from the people working in the establishment, including door staff.

How to protect your drink from being spiked.

  • Never leave your drink unattended
  • Do not accept a drink from someone you don’t know or don’t trust
  • Try to cover your drink with your hand or beer mat if you need to look away.

We have approached The Townhouse for a comment but were unable to do so at the time as they are investigating. We will publish the statement once received.

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