The Cathedral gets Ruby Waxed

The Cathedral gets Ruby Waxed

Ruby Wax OBE came to Ely Cathedral last night and was immediately in awe of the surroundings and in front of over 750 people who filled not only the Nave but also the Transepts.
A Mindfulness Guide for the FrazzledThe event was hosted by Topping & Company Bookstore to promote the release of Ruby’s book – “A Mindfulness Guide For The Frazzled”.
The comedic and animated American born but naturalised British Citizen, pursued a career in psychology and retains a masters degree in Mindfulness from Oxford University. Wax also campaigns and lectures on mental health.
She is also a classically trained actress who became popular in the UK for her stereotypical American roles in programs like “Girls on Top” and her appearance in “Absolutely Fabulous” which were both produced by her husband Ed Bye. Her previous book “How do you want me?” hit the Sunday Times Bestseller list.
Quoting Ruby on her new book “A Mindfulness Guide For The Frazzled”

“We are not equipped for this century, it’s too hard, too fast, and too full of fear; we just don’t have the bandwidth. Our brains can’t take so much information in a world where we’re bombarded by bad news and force-fed information. I can just about take in the weather then I’m exhausted. You open a newspaper, everyone’s dead. We’re only supposed to know what our neighbour is up to; if the woman next door to you is having sex with the man next door to her we need to know; but four doors down and it’s none of our business.

If you would like to find out more about the book go to: and for a signed copy head into Topping & Company on the High Street in Ely.

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