Celebrating Ramadan Ely Style

Celebrating Ramadan Ely Style

The Ely Muslim Association excelled themselves tonight on the Market Square feeding over 250 people with the help of 4 local food suppliers.
Sylhet, Montaz, Balti King and Le Spice all contributed to making a wonderful meal. The meal itself was food that those fasting would eat to quench their hunger after Sunset during Ramadan.
Our lovely Mayor, Liz Every was there to open the food stall alongside Zahid Ahmed from Sylhet whose idea it was. Zahid told Spotted in Ely “I got the idea from a friend in Preston who does this so now I can tell him we now also do it here in Ely.
“We plan to do more, we only catered for 100 people but all the restaurants involved got cooking more food when we saw the crowd you managed to bring us and we are glad everyone got something”.
They also managed to pass along baskets of fruit and over 200 bottles of water.
The night was rounded off with evening prayer, lots of happy well fed people and a praise of thanks from Mayor Every for bringing a community together to celebrate Ramadan.


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