Certificate of Excellence Awarded to Ely Cathedral

Certificate of Excellence Awarded to Ely Cathedral

TripAdvisor, the world’s largest review site has awarded Ely Cathedral with a certificate of Excellence due to the amount of reviews given by it’s visitors.
With nearly 2000 reviews of which over 1400 are 5 star, the attraction is rated first of 35 in the Places to Visit category.

The most recent 5 star was from Ralph2013, listed as being from Northern Ireland states “Quick visit with my two young grandchildren. Brenda the guide was lovely to them and we joined and left the tour at our leisure. The cathedral is superb and well worth a visit. Also enjoyed food there at the end of the visit. It would have been nice if someone had offered to help with trays as I had two small children but otherwise really good food and brilliant selection of gluten free cakes”.

The reviews don’t just come from UK visitors, over 20% come from outside the our shores, many of which from the USA and Canada.
If you’re a local from CB6 or CB7 postcode, you can visit the Cathedral for free. Just take along proof of address. This does not include the tours.

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