Compassionate Shining Examples – Wesley and Kenzie from Ely College.

Compassionate Shining Examples – Wesley and Kenzie from Ely College.

During Turing House’s Assembly on Friday, Mark Cooney from Spotted in Ely surprised Kenzie Neal and Wesley Santos with a Community Star for their most amazing Random Act of Kindness.

On the 8th November, Spotted in Ely got a message that warmed the hearts of the team. It read:

“Sat in Prezzo and just witnessed 4 young boys, aged around 15, sat with the homeless man outside Mind charity shop. They got him food, gave him some money and sat with him chatting for a while before giving him a hug when they left. It even prompted a man walking past with his dog and takeaway, to share part of his food as well! It was lovely to see such a selfless act of kindness! “


The post has become one of the most viewed and reacted to this year on the Facebook page.

A few days after posting, Miss Martin from Ely College contacted us to tell us that 2 of the boys concerned were college students and nominated them for the award. Her nomination read:

Summary of their award: Showing compassion to others and representing their school in a positive way
Kenzie is in year 8 and Wesley in year 10 at Ely College. I am Kenzies form tutor but I have seen them both progress into outstanding young men in their time at the college. They are both always very willing to help out with anything in and out of school and Kenzie also has attended every poppy selling session I have conducted in Sainsbury’s, as well as always helping out staff and students if need be. It came to light that Kenzie and Wesley were 2 of the young boys, along with 2 other friends, who helped out a homeless man, which was witnessed by a member of the public who then went on to make a post in Spotted in Ely, which was viewed by thousands! I am so very proud of Kenzie and Wesley and they are very deserving of a Community Star award.

Miss Martin, Ely College
Kenzie Neal and Mark Cooney

Along with SA Events who decided to sponsor the award, Spotted in Ely jumped into action to arrange to surprise Kenzie and Wesley during their assembly. Sadly, Wesley was not available in Friday morning but the award was presented by Mr Mawby, Head of Turing House and Wesley was presented with his later in the day. Both also received vouchers to their favourite stores.

Showing compassion to others and representing their school in a positive way, your Community Stars Wesley Santos and Kenzie Neal.

Left to Right: Miss Martin, Kenzie Neal, Wesley Santos, Mr Mawby

Know someone deserving?

You can nominate or sponsor a Community Star by visiting our Stars page:

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