Consider those who don't celebrate Halloween

While many people across the East Cambridgeshire area enjoy Halloween and Trick or Treat, there are a few who do not celebrate the tradition.

Many who don’t are our elderly and vulnerable and while dressing up as ghouls, ghosts and fairies to many children is just fun, many older children often do the same and knock on doors demanding gifts and payments.
The Police have launched a few posters including one for schools that they hope give incentive to avoid the people who do not wish to be disturbed or intimidated and given some guidelines on how we can ensure a trouble free and enjoyable night for all.

  • Ensure children are accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Explain how vulnerable people can be frightened by an unexpected group calling at their door on a dark evening.
  • Only knock at houses where you know you will be welcome.
  • Respect the “Please No Trick or Treat” notice where it is displayed.

Click on the poster below to download.

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