Couch to Mini-Triathlon Begins

Couch to Mini-Triathlon Begins

On February 3rd or 10th, depending on the weather, Spotted in Ely admin Mark Cooney will be attempting to do a mini-triathlon around Ely.

The event is not an official event but he will be raising money for the new Spotted in Ely Community Fund by swimming 1km in the river followed by 25km on a bike, consisting of 5 laps of 5km and finishing with a 5km run, 5 laps of 1km.

Mark, who hasn’t done much fitness training since being in the RAF nearly 30 years ago is working with Aaron McCombie from Atrium Fitness on Newnham Street.

Aaron has been a fitness instructor with the local gym for some time and is giving up his time to train Mark up to the fitness required in the short time span.

Although some fitness and cardio work has taken place in December, the actual stamina or consistency training began today. Mark is only currently about 1/5th of the stamina/distance he needs to complete the challenge.

Spotted in Ely are currently working with an accountancy firm to set up a sponsorship account and money raised in the SiECF (Spotted in Ely Community Fund) will be used to grow local events, support youth and sporting activities and hopefully set up a “The Apprentice” style program to teach our kids business and money. All organisations will be considered for projects being created.

After each training session, 3 or 4 a week to start, SiE will update you on the progress. Mark and Atrium also invite anyone to come along and train with them for a small donation. The Atrium is also offering 50% of peak memberships should you wish to join up long-term.

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