Could Ely use a Street Pride Campaign?

Could Ely use a Street Pride Campaign?

This week Spotted in Ely has been approached by Ely McDonald’s to look at spearheading a litter campaign called Street Pride.

We met with James Garner, the new Business Manager of the MJP Enterprises store on Monday to discuss what could be done about litter in Ely. James himself is a local man from Littleport but before Ely enjoyed successful campaigns at his previous store in Wisbech.

“McDonald’s is not responsible for creating the litter but is responsible in part for making those products that cause the litter and while we strive to clean our area, we know that the problem stretches further than the Leisure Village.”

James continued, “We are part of the local community, we give where we can, employ many people and want people to see that we want to be part of the local economy.”

Street Pride campaigns are popping up all over the UK and asking people to report hotspots of litter and also help in cleaning the rubbish and MJP Enterprises will fund the tools and equipment to do so.

Spotted in Ely think its a great initiative to get involved in and work with McDonald’s and other litter picking groups to clean up Ely and educate those who choose to litter our beautiful City.

The plan we have devised is to hold a litter picking walk around once a month with anyone who would like to volunteer as well as staff from McDonald’s. People and groups can get involved and enjoy a few free refreshments from the franchise that is now well into its second year and enjoying success in Ely.

Below are 2 forms, the first is for reporting hotspots around Ely and the Villages and the second is for anyone interested in joining one of our walk arounds.

Any information added to the forms below will be used to find the hotspots and used to contact you directly. No information will be given to any third parties and deleted once completed.

Litter Hotspots

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