Council-owned land at The Vineyards in Ely to remain as open space

Vineyards mapThe triangular piece of land at The Vineyards, closest to Ely market square, and solely owned by East Cambridgeshire District Council (see map), is to remain as open space. The decision for the land not to be developed was reached after a review by Councillors at the Asset Development Committee meeting on Wednesday 23rd March 2016, where views of local members and residents were also shared.
In reaching their decision, the Committee considered representations from local members which outlined all the concerns residents had shared with them, and highlighted the many benefits that retaining this land as open space would have, including safeguarding the widely appreciated current aesthetic of the area, and its popularity as a resting place en route to the City centre, particularly welcome to more elderly residents.
The Committee recognised the high regard in which the space is held by the community, and how it is used daily by passers-by and residents who consider it to be a valuable community asset.
It was agreed at the meeting that, ongoing, a Community Impact Assessment Report will be completed prior to any future proposed planning application in the District on Council-owned land. As a new measure, appropriate ward councillors and any other relevant local members will be consulted in future matters in order to further share residents’ views.
After listening to these findings, members of the Asset Development Committee unanimously approved the new recommendation to remove the part of The Vineyards solely owned by the Council, which sits behind Aldi, from their development programme.
The land has been removed from Asset Development Committee plans for development with immediate effect, in line with the views of local members and residents, as well as the  Community Impact Assessment report, which agreed that retaining the Vineyards as open land is in the community’s best interests.

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