Did We Predict the Future in April? Is Nando’s Coming to Ely

Did We Predict the Future in April? Is Nando’s Coming to Ely

On April 1st this year we played an April Fools saying that Nandos was opening in Ely on that day and many fell for it, including Jane who said, “Cruel joke to play on a pregnant lady who looooooves Nandos!!”

So did Spotted in Ely predict the future back then? Seems so. This is not a continuation of the April Fool, just thought we best get that in right now.

It seems a potential deal has been struck for the final unit on Ely’s Leisure Village as Nando’s are now advertising for a First Assistant Manager on the catering specialist website, caterer.com. The advert was discovered by eagle-eyed Twitter follower, Jemma Murfitt who tagged us earlier today.

Our April Fool highlighted that many in the area would like a Nando’s to accompany the other businesses on the park such as Arbuckles, McDonald’s, KFC etc. The fool reached nearly 18,000 people and received countless comments and many differing reactions.

Kate seemed in favour, “Just posted to Nando’s page…think they may want to know how many people would actually like this to happen…”

As did Lisa “That is the meanest April Fools EVER!!!, I’d give anything for an Ely Nandos.”

Not all comments where in favour, like Sue, “It wouldn’t bother me if it did open as I have never eaten in one and never intend to! Lol….hope this joke doesn’t become real”

Whatever your feelings about Nandos, it seems it is about to happen and we are going to predict something else now. It won’t happen before Christmas as the average fit out of the bigger premises has taken between 8 and 12 weeks to complete.

It will also mean that all units of the Leisure Village are now complete although a mystery surrounds the property sold to Chosen Bun.

If you want to see the original Facebook April Fool then CLICK HERE

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