District Councillors Take Action To Prevent Anti-Social Behaviour

East Cambridgeshire District Councillors have taken action in response to public concerns about reported anti-social behaviour at a council owned car park on Angel Drove.

Members of the public had reported people driving modified cars around the car park in recent evenings.
District Councillors Lis Every, Richard Hobbs and Anna Bailey raised the issue with the Council’s Asset Development Committee, and swift action has been taken, with high visibility concrete barriers being installed in the car park.
Councillor Lisa Stubbs, vice-chair of the Asset Development committee said:  “We trust that this action will now allow local Residents to relax on evenings and weekends when things should be peaceful”.
Councillor Bill Hunt, Chair of the committee added: “We have also been in contact with the Police who welcome our initiative to tackle this anti-social behaviour so that police time and resources can be focused on enforcing the law.”
No car park spaces have been lost because of this preventative action.

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