East Cambs schools face further staff losses and funding cuts, unions warn

East Cambs schools face further staff losses and funding cuts, unions warn

Cash strapped schools across East Cambridgeshire face a funding crisis, with all of the district’s colleges set to have their budgets slashed and teaching staff reduced in the next four years, unions warn.

Figures released today predict that in real terms 88 per cent of schools throughout England face crippling budget cuts by 2020, with many standing to lose teachers and support staff.

Across East Cambridgeshire, many schools have already faced staff redundancies – and the problem is likely to get much worse, according to School Cuts, a campaign group made up of numerous trade unions, including the National Education Union, Association of School and College Leaders, the National Association of Head Teachers and UNISON.
According to the figures, Witchford Village College will be hit the hardest out of the district’s colleges, facing the equivalent loss of six teachers and a whopping £251.4 thousand by 2020 – a per pupil cut of £305.

Soham Village College stands to lose three teachers and £154.8 thousand by 2020 – a per pupil loss of £113, while Ely College faces the loss of two teachers, £78 funding per pupil and £78.8 thousand.
Meanwhile Bottisham Village College is set to lose two teachers, £68 per pupil and £75.1 thousand by 2020, School Cuts says.
Many of the district’s primary schools are also facing massive cuts to staffing and budgets, according to the site.
Sutton Church of England Primary School is predicted to lose the equivalent of three teachers, £338 per pupil and an overall budget cut of around £113.9 thousand by 2020, while The Weatheralls School in Soham is set to lose three teachers, £263 per pupil and £145.8 thousand.

St Andrew’s Church of England School in Soham, Downham Feoffees School in Little Downham, Millfield Primary School and Littleport Community Primary School in Littleport, Stretham Community Primary School, Robert Arkenstall Primary School in Haddenham and Witchford Rackham Church of England School each stand to lose the equivalent of one teacher.
England’s schools face the worst real term cuts in a generation, the School Cuts group warns.
“Head teachers are speaking of the impossible job they have to balance the books and offer the best education for all children. Yet there is worse to come.”
The group warns that the consequences of such devastating cuts will lead to increased class sizes, the loss of extra curricular activities and resources and teaching staff.
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