Ely College enhances fitness offering for students with new strength equipment

Ely College enhances fitness offering for students with new strength equipment

The fitness suite at Ely College has been given a welcome boost with the addition of new strength equipment donated by Life Fitness UK.

Prior to the arrival of this new equipment, the fitness suite had been more geared towards cardio exercise, with a select number of weightlifting options available to students.

Now equipped with high-quality sets of Life Fitness kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and tires, the College will be able to implement more strength exercises into its lessons, courses and Session 6 afterschool offer, much to the delight of teachers and students.

Serving 1,100 students across three key stages, from 11 to 18-year-olds, Ely College, and its dedicated post-16 provision Bishop Laney Sixth Form, plan to utilise the equipment in a multitude of ways to support educational activities and to assist with its wider responsibility of promoting health and fitness within its school community.

From use in main school core PE lessons, in activities such as circuit training, to gym routines followed by Bishop Laney Sport and Exercise Science students and those enrolled on the Norwich City Football Club Scholar’s Programme, the equipment will have a broad impact across the College and will provide teachers with more scope when planning and delivering classes.

The equipment will also contribute positively to the College’s existing commitment to helping improve students’ overall health and wellbeing – an important aspect of school life – and PE Curriculum Leader, Jason Coe, is excited by this new opportunity: “The equipment donated to us by Life Fitness UK has been an excellent addition to our fitness suite. It has given us the opportunity to engage more students in fitness, and because we now have more equipment to share around, it means that students get to spend more time using it, which greatly benefits them.

“Before the new equipment arrived, our suite was quite cardio heavy, so the new strength equipment has allowed us to expand our offering, which is ideal for our students who will be able to use it as part of the core curriculum, in conjunction with their courses, and as extracurricular activities such as PLEDGES Plus time and our upcoming 12 Hours of Sport charity event.”

For Life Fitness UK, it has been a pleasure being able to assist a local school in achieving their health and fitness aims, as UK Manager, Danny Oliver, explains: “We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to help the College to enhance its fitness suite, giving students greater access to equipment and encouraging more exercise, which is having a positive effect – both educationally and recreationally – right the way throughout the ages ranges. We hope that students and teachers alike continue to enjoy the equipment to stay fit and active.”

Press release from Life Fitness 

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