Ely footie boots a game changer for Kenyan kids

Ely footie boots a game changer for Kenyan kids

Getting football boots to protect their young feet will be a game changer for these Kenyan youngsters.

Yesterday 172 pairs of shoes and boots, including 73 collected in Ely, were distributed to children at The Walk Centre School in Nakuru by Boots2Africa.

The charity enables children and young people living in impoverished areas to stay on the ball by distributing pre-loved sports shoes.

Millions of children across Africa have no shoes to wear.
According to Boots2Africa, thousands are killed or injured by foot related diseases, infections or snakebites each year. Many others struggle physically because of having to walk barefoot.
The charity aims to level the playing field by collecting shoes that British kids have outgrown and giving them a new lease of life in Africa.
Yesterday a team of volunteers from Colchester United Football in the Community helped fit out the donated shoes to youngsters at the school, situated in a slum area, after personally carrying them over from the UK.

On March 13, Iain Finch, who runs Boots2Africa, visited Ely to collect donations of footwear, organised locally by former Ely College teacher Fleur Patten.
In just a week, 73 pairs of shoes were collected.
Iain said children at The Walk Centre School were “very excited” to receive their footwear yesterday, immediately joining in a game of football with the Colchester United delegation.
“What a day, happy children with healthy, protected feet – what Boots2Africa is all about!”
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