Fenland Chronic Illnesses Support Group Celebrates its 3rd Birthday

This coming Friday, Fenland Chronic illnesses support group will be 3 years old!

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with a heart issue, Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis. My whole life in an instant came crashing down. Everything  rapidly became difficult, particularly my mobility, dexterity and memory. I had so many questions. So I looked for ways to meet with people, whom may have similar issues to mine. But there didn’t seem to be any groups locally.

As time went on, I began to strongly want to be part of some sort of support group. Where I could in a relaxed way, share issues, be in the company of people whom truly understood, what a day is like for sufferers of chronic illnesses.

So I started the Fenland Chronic illnesses support group (formally Fibromyalgia support group). Meeting twice a month (10:30 – 2nd & last Friday of each month) at Starbucks, The Cloisters, Ely.

As the group grew and over time, I was contacted by many sufferers of different illnesses who needed a group where they could come and chat over a good cuppa. In a relaxed set up. To feel like they were having a cafe stop with a good friend. A group, who welcome all those with a chronic illness as well as their close family.

We now have 140 members who suffer from many illnesses: Cancer, Fibromyalgia, ME, MS and Arthritis.

What has become clear to me, is that sufferers with a variety of illnesses often struggle with the same things. Similarly, certain symptoms can be comparable as well. Those with Invisible illnesses in particular, speak of difficulty when explaining symptoms and for others to often understand.

Friendly and informal Support is provided both through our Facebook page and through the meet ups. Members travel to our meet ups when they can. From most local Fenland villages.

Please join us (& the manager of Starbucks) for birthday cake, friendly chat and laughter. New members and family will be given a warm welcome. Friday 10:30am at Starbucks, The Cloisters, Ely.

From Maria Stableford Fenland Chronic Illnesses Support

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