Final push to get minor injuries petition over 10,000 threshold

Final push to get minor injuries petition over 10,000 threshold

A petition to prevent the closure of three threatened minor injuries units at Ely, Doddington and Wisbech has almost got enough signatures to require the Government to respond to it.

The Parliamentary petition, started by Carol Harley, has had 3482 signatures so far online. When you factor in the signatures put on paper, the number is closer to 9000, Ely campaigner Emma Watson says.

Many of the signatures have been gathered during market stall appearances the Save Ely’s Minor Injuries Unit campaign group has organised over recent months.
The group will be holding another stall at Ely Market this Saturday in a push to get the number of signatures over the 10,000 threshold – which legally means that the Government would have to respond to the petition.
Emma, who leads the group, says: “I would like to appeal to Ely area residents and visitors who have not yet signed the parliamentary petition online or on paper, to please do so.
“There has been such a passionate response from many signing the petition at the market stall that I need to point out that an individual can only sign the petition once, online or on paper – duplications will not count!”
Emma reiterates that although outpatient services have been secured for a year at the Princess of Wales and Doddington Hospitals, the three minor injuries units are still under threat of closure.
“We will continue to push for the retention of Ely’s MIU, and then for the enhancement of this essential facility to become a Health Hub for our fast-growing city.”
“I would like to thank each and every person who has shown their support for our invaluable Minor Injuries Unit: to those who have given their time to help gather signatures; are holding a copy of the paper petition forms in their shop or office; or who have added their signature to the petition.”
Anyone wishing to help out with future actions can contact the group’s Facebook page or contact Cllr Lis Every at Ely City Council, on (01353) 661 016.

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