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If you were to ask 100 people their top ten holiday destinations, you’d expect to find some similarities, wouldn’t you. But why? The world so big and we are so different that we should be able to travel on our globetrotting expeditions and never bump into each other. The world is a big place but with lower-cost air travel and the popularisation of bucket lists, we are congregating ever more densely in certain areas in a phenomenon known as “Over-tourism”; crowding celebrated landmarks in order to tick destinations off and move onto the next without ever stopping to connect. Travel has the potential to connect the world like nothing else while engaging in immersive travel brings cultures together and we have so much to learn from each other. So, while clocking up the air miles might increase your carbon footprint, we need to strike a balance between cutting back and being cut off from the world.

As long-haul specialists, Archer & Gaher Adventures are perfectly placed to take your holiday off the beaten track and alleviate the over-tourism of densely populated destinations around the world which are at risk of being damaged by tourist footfall. Instead, take your own path of exploration into the wild and see what you discover.

Sustainable travel is all about connecting with others and that connectivity starts at home. We love our Ely and Cambs community and are always looking to engage with local residents and businesses and would welcome you getting in touch to discuss sustainability. This is why we are hosting an event showcasing Sustainable Travel at the Poets House in September. Travel #beyondtheiconic postcard picture moments to truly explore off the beaten track destinations of the world. This event will focus on those hidden gems and how to travel sustainably to lower your carbon footprint while discovering the world’s most exciting destinations.

  • Snacks and refreshments to welcome you
  • Prizes to be won throughout the event
  • Destination and holiday experts on hand to answer your questions

Come and join us on the 15th September and share your hidden gem experiences on social media with #beyondtheiconic. Welcome to your next adventure.

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