Finish Line in Sight for Young Local Writers

Finish Line in Sight for Young Local Writers

Young writers are dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s as the finish line for Ely 501 roars into view.

Now in its third year Ely 501 has offered a challenge to come up with the best possible story in less than 501 words and once again there’s been no shortage of interest. One of the judges is Mark Lowery – the bestselling author of Attack of the Woolly Jumper – who’s convinced the competition will attract a bumper response. The prospect of seeing their very own story in print is too good an opportunity to miss.
The judging is critical, so what makes Mark go WOW as he starts to read through the entries? ‘Originality,’ he says. ‘A really memorable character perhaps, or a brilliant twist in the plot, or a new and exciting way of telling a story.’
And what makes a story truly unforgettable? ‘Those stories that stay with you have got to touch on your emotions somehow. They’ve got to make you cry, or make you laugh or make you think differently about the world.’
Mark’s own writing takes place in his garden shed. How do new ideas come? Juggling sometimes, just one of his many skills.
Ely 501 is open to any child aged 13 or under who lives or goes to school locally. The closing date for entries is Friday 14 April and entry forms and more information are available from Burrows Bookshop or Mr Simms Ely. They’re also available electronically by sending an email to

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