Fit and fun: Ely mum says Ely bootcamp makes her face each day with a smile

Party animal and fitness fanatic Jenni Homent can’t bear to miss out on socialising or exercising.
So when the Ely mum of two discovered a full-on fitness regime that combined both, she was instantly hooked.
Since joining JTS – which prides itself on being “the toughest bootcamp in Ely” – back in January, the dedicated runner has managed to shave off two minutes per mile, improve on her already hectic social life and embrace each day with a smile.
Jenni says: “After working out whilst the sun rises, I feel ready to face the day. I also find the varied exercises fun, like flipping tyres!”
The mum to Maisie, five, and Josie, three, says that after completing an early morning workout (which starts at 6.30am), “I’m an extremely happy mum, ready to face the school run.”
After holidaying with Ashley Gifford and partying with hot pants-wearing Lucy Thorne, who both attend classes, Jenni started to feel that she was missing out on something good.
“I thought this JTS Fitness gets results! I also had FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when a few of my friends, all members, attended a JTS Christmas party! I thought that’s it, I’m going to the next party – if it involves exercise then I’ll just have to deal with that.
“I also wanted to see my friends more regularly and with their busy lives this seemed the best course of action.”
As well as Ashley and Lucy, friends Sarah Chatterton, Sarah Salmons, Elise Jones, Dominic Gifford and Tom Jones also attend, so the classes, taught by instructor, Josh Taylor-Smith, have become a very social affair, despite being incredibly physically challenging.
Jenni says: “I have run for years always doing the 10k in one hour six and found it difficult to reduce my mile timings to anything less than 11 minutes.
“I have attended JTS sessions since January and although they aren’t purely cardio based within five months I am now running just under nine minute miles and I do less running practice!”
Every week Jenni seems to be running another personal best, she says.
“JTS has enhanced my life, not just through being fitter but also my general well being. Now I’ll put going to a JTS session first over going to a party! The hot pants are work in progress.”
JTS sessions take place at 6.30am and 6.30pm behind the Ely Rugby Club off Downham Road.
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