Floods of Support and National Attention

Floods of Support and National Attention

Last week Spotted in Ely featured a poster put up in Ely Police Station and no one expected the attention and responses that came within minutes of adding to our Facebook page.
The post reach was dramatic and shared throughout the UK to personal profiles and bulletin boards and the messages of support and offers to help just flooded in. From Somerset to London and Wales to Scotland, the idea has touched hearts and emotions of over 100,000 people.
We even saw messages from the USA of support. We were even more delighted when we saw that thanks to our Facebook page, the BBC picked up the story and contact the Police about it. This should give the initiative even more publicity. See http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-33751749

Donated Jewellery boxes
Small selection of donations handed in to Ely Police Station

Jess, the officer who put up the poster from Ely Police Station was amazed when we contacted her and told her of the support. She wondered how so many donations had come in. They range from small rings boxes to chain length boxes and lovely pouches.
Jess has also contacted all forces throughout the UK in co-operation with Ms Denise Stott from March Station and responses from many forces such as Dyfed, Cirencester, Dorset, Gwent and Derbyshire have offered their full support. All these forces are ready to accept donations at any of their Police Stations.
We have also been asked how people can volunteer in collecting the items from many places around the UK. We are currently working on a plan to allow everyone throughout the UK to get involved. Watch this space.
For now, please dig out your old jewellery boxes and head for your nearest Police Station and hand them. Help someone’s day be just a little easier!!
The Poster at Ely Police Station asking for jewellery boxes
The Poster at Ely Police Station asking for jewellery boxes

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