Free "Touch Tennis" for Adults

Free "Touch Tennis" for Adults

10is Academy is once again offering free “Touch Tennis” lessons but this time it will benefit adults.

Touchtennis is the closest thing to five a-side for tennis. Played on a smaller court, with 21” rackets and foam balls, it can be played on any flat space, indoors or outside. The specifically designed ball and unique rules creates a level playing field whereby different abilities can enjoy playing together. It is not unusual to see tennis players being beaten by newcomers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, male or female; the key to the game’s addictive-ness is the enjoyment that comes from repeatedly and intelligently outwitting opponents. Believe us when we say that once you’ve experienced the joy that comes with pulling off a forehand winner after an energetic 30 stroke rally you’ll be dying to repeat the feat over and over!
If you’re particularly eager to test your competitive spirit you might well be interested in joining our prize money competitions.
We are also offering free courses for beginners & Fitness fans.
Places are limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

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