Fundraising initiative comes to Ely in the form of Soup

Fundraising initiative comes to Ely in the form of Soup

A new fundraising idea which has become a phenomena throughout the world is coming to Ely.
Detroit Soup idea started in 2010 and has grown to thousands of such events every year and the idea is based on crowdfunding with a little bit of Dragon’s Den too.
So how does it work:
Well you need to be an organisation looking for funding for a new piece of equipment or trying to start a project or at least have a good reason for why you need some financial help.
At each soup, at least 4 groups will be invited to attend and present their idea or request in 4 minutes. At the end of the pitch, the audience can then ask questions.
Those who have attended to hear your pitch will pay £5 and in return will get a bowl of soup and be granted one vote. At the end of all the pitches, those with votes get to decide who they would like to see receive all of the money in the pot, the pot being made up of all the £5’s which bought the soup and the winner takes the lot.
Zoe Davidson is heading up the project told Spotted in Ely, “This is a chance to come together, be social and help your community. Ely Soup, a new sociable community crowdfunding project launching in 2016.
“We are having a launch meeting this Thursday 7pm at The Cutter and everyone is welcome to attend so that I can explain in detail to any person or organisation how it works. We will also announce the first Soup
“The idea is based on Detroit Soup and has now been popping up all over the UK”.
You can find the event at

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