Garfield's "less than prrrrrfect" behaviour got him banned, say Virgin

Some “less than prrrrrfect” behaviour has got famous feline Garfield banned from Ely’s Virgin Holidays store, a company spokeswoman has confirmed.
The Virgin Holidays spokeswoman today told Spotted in Ely: “We can confirm that Mr Sainsbury (aka Garfield) has been asked to leave our Ely store after some less than prrrrrfect behaviour recently.
“As one of the most loved furry faces in town we hope that he will paws for thought on his actions, however the safety of our human customers has to take priority.”

Picture: Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield

Picture: Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield

Picture: Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield

On Saturday we reported that Garfield had been banned from the Virgin Holiday shop at Sainsbury’s Supermarket following a complaint to head office after a little girl was scratched.
The post received numerous comments, 190 “likes”, sad and angry faces, and 56 shares, with the vast majority of people calling for the iconic ginger tom to be allowed back into the shop. A few people have supported the ban.
Picture: Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield

Picture: Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield

Picture: Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield

Owner Tina Battaglia has since posted on Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield‘s fan page: “I just want to say thank you for all your support for Garfield, the positive comments far outweigh the negative ones!
“Apologies to anyone he has scratched or nipped, but most of you do understand a cat’s warning signals (and please don’t tickle his tummy even if it looks like an invitation!).
“I’m glad he brings a lot of happiness to people, young and old. It’s a shame he has been ousted from his comfy sofa but we do understand that the Virgin staff have to abide by the rules. I’m sure they miss him too.

Picture: Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield

Picture: Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield

Picture: Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield

“You can still spot him around the car park though, or maybe inside the doors, so keep snapping and posting those pics! He seems to see Sainsburys as his second home so he ain’t going anywhere else soon! Thanks again, and just a gentle reminder not to feed him (though I’m sure you all don’t do that anymore . . . . .).”
Picture: Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield

Picture: Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield

Picture: Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield

Picture: Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield

Garfield has delighted children and adults alike with his presence at the store and has become a local celebrity, raising money for the Cats Protection League.
His Facebook page, Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield, has got over 4000 followers.
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