Have a lunch on us

Have a lunch on us

Over the next few weeks we are to launch the Spotted in Ely Community Lunch.

Community Lunches have been popping up all over the UK and providing a free lunch and a chance to network with other local organisation in your area.

“No such thing as a free lunch?”, says everyone. Well now there is. We have a few companies willing to sponsor the events and we have also sourced a couple of venues willing to let us use their space for free.

Learning and socialising with each other can bring a community together and help understand each other’s every day problem’s while running a community project. Some of the lunches will be themed around a particular issue that arises while others will just be an opportunity to socialise and meet new acquaintances and friends.

We plan to have the first lunch in April and are proud to working alongside the Ely Voluntary Centre on Forehill to make these events popular and useful.

Each community based organisation is encouraged to invite one person to attend and that starts with a quick fill of the form below. Your information will only be used to email you about the Community Lunch and Spotted in Ely News Interests and NOT be given to any third party.

I wish to attend a Community Lunch

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