His Message is simple: “We help when no-one else can”. The Real Machine Gun Preacher comes to Ely

His Message is simple: “We help when no-one else can”. The Real Machine Gun Preacher comes to Ely

From a young age, Sam Childers got caught up in crime became an addict and one of life’s bad eggs but inside he still always believed he had Jesus.

While in a bar fight one day, witnessing stabbings and the worse violence he had ever seen, decided that if he could escape and reach the door, he was done with drugs and criminality.

He reached that door, went home to his wife, Lynn and said: “We’re moving”. They stayed with Sam’s mother in Pennsylvania where Lynn and mother became best friends and visited the church regularly. After much “nagging”, as Sam puts it, he went to church and after his first visit, his pastor was to predict he would go to Africa.

The Real Machine Gun Preacher – Sam Childers, takes questions from the congragations in Ely’s Lighthouse Centre

“I will not be going to Africa”, claimed Childers but sure enough, a few years later he was to make his first of many trips and to now what he calls home in Africa.

His organisation now helps with over 13,000 meals per day, builds businesses to help communities to become self-sufficient. They are building schools, 7 of which are educating the future doctors, nurses and educators. The businesses are teaching young adults skills to earn wages and feed families. A new truckstop will help create many more orphanages and fund them for years to come.

Childers has become a dangerous figure to politicians and regime, so much so he needs around the clock protection when home in South Sudan. He is also a controversial figure as he claims to be a hillbilly. Hunting and the second amendment in the US is his right.

Giles Cornell, Pastor of the Lighthouse Centre in Ely said, “Tonight we raised just over £1800 for the Machine Gun Preachers cause.

“Over 250 came to hear the Sam Childers talk about his work in Africa and his life as a biker in America. Sam’s organization cares for 350 children 24/7 – most of these children have lost all their families through war or other tragedies. Sam’s organisation ‘Angels of East Africa’ also prepares/makes around 13,000 meals every day in Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia.

“I was so pleased with the turnout and it was great to hear Sam speaking passionately about how he helps the challenges of the widows and the orphans in Africa.”

Sam Childers was the topic of a Hollywood film starring Gerald Butler and a second is due in 2021. Childers has also realeased 2 books with a third on the way and raises funds and awareness for his organisation by travelling the world.

You can find out more about Sam Childers and the organisation he runs on his website:

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