I Am Eco-Frenchie…….Are You?

Business waste into business worth I am eco-frenchie…….are you?
Local creative-reuse artist Ruth Marley is inspired to teach pet owners about reducing their carbon paw print. “Every member of the family can help save the planet and your eco-conscious efforts should include your pets too”.
Based at Re-imagine Resource Centre in Witchford which has become a community hub in the supply and education of materials destined for landfill, I am eco-frenchie is a totally unique range of pet outerwear made using business waste, each piece is 100% Sustainable, 100% Eco-conscious and 100% stylish. A percentage of each item goes to help support local dog charities.
The range includes the doggy reversible bandana, reuse-a-bows and dribble cloths. Each unique, cool and conscious. These days we live in a wasteful society, many homes and businesses end up disposing of a lot of waste clothes and fabrics even though they are perfectly reusable. At Re-imagine we believe in a new life instead of landfill and at over 1,000 members this year it seems the local community does too – discover your eco-creative journey. Located at the Witchford Recycling Centre, Stirling Way, Witchford, CB6 3FA. 
Follow us on Instagram at iamecofrenchie. Ruth is out and about with “I am eco-frenchie” workshops and eco-creative activities. Check our Facebook page Re-imagine Resource Centre for details. Turning waste things into great things – without costing Mother Earth.

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