Kate asks for Peace and Understanding in tough times

Kate asks for Peace and Understanding in tough times

Kate Holmes

Local guest blogger Kate Holmes has asked us to share her thoughts of what is happening in the world and asks everyone for peace, calm and understanding during tough times.

There is a lot of hate spreading around the world at the minute.
It makes the world a very sad place right now.
I was originally really torn about the EU decision but not anymore.
There has been so much propaganda going around, scare mongering, false facts that look genuine until you delve further and so many pointless arguments on both sides. People reading articles and instantly believing them instead of looking into the story to find the real truths.
Sadly a lot of racial hatred has come from this and a lot of people base their decision on immigration. They blame immigrants for the lack of school places, and over subscribed GP surgeries and hospital waits. The reality is that it’s government cutbacks that have caused those problems- not immigrants!! But media and propaganda fuel people’s need to believe that. Plus let’s not forget that a lot of those coming here work a darn site harder than many of our own and contribute to our economy!!
We forget that there’s over 5 million of our own living abroad too!
I grew up living abroad. I like the fact that people can move from country to country. It makes life exciting. We share this planet. We shouldn’t be divided by borders. It’s exciting to meet new people and learn about different cultures.
Yes ok Britain has a history. It’s important to learn about our history and value it. No one can take that history from us.
However, there’s a lot of current talk about ‘finding our Britain’ and remembering ‘what makes us British’ and that we need to go back to that and remember who we are and ‘get our country back’.
But not everything about our past is good. Racism and bigotry for one. Plus the many world problems that we’ve created but choose to forget about once we start wars.
Whatever you vote- don’t make it about immigration or wanting to go back to old fashioned Britain. It’s our history. It’s not our future. We should be proud to be cosmopolitan.
It teaches our children to be accepting and to explore the world. That’s healthy.
I want a better future for my children.
Let the future of being British mean ‘compassion, acceptance, kindness’. Reaching out to others; regardless of race, colour or country. Coming together as one world. Working together in business across the world. A better future means a united world. A cosmopolitan world is an exciting world.
There are so many current problems; terrorism being as far as I’m concerned the biggest current problem with this planet. We need to be together on this. Not divided.
It beats being standoffish, set in our stubborn and selfish ways. Embrace and educate each other.
More recently the problems with the football hooligans as well. That’s not something I’m proud of. That doesn’t make me proud to be British. It makes me feel embarrassed. To be fighting people because they’re from another country, because they don’t support the same team. I can’t help but feel this EU debate has fuelled that and that people are now lashing out needlessly.
Then the needless murder of a politician. Enough said.
We have moved forward in so many ways but we’re in danger of taking a massive step backwards.
We can remember our history.
We can still be proud to be British. But we can do that without stepping backwards. Instead of shutting ourselves off from the rest of the world we should be reaching out to others. Let’s drop that British stiff upper lip and embrace everyone.
We all live on the miracle that is planet earth. We share this world.
I can’t help but feel leaving the EU will alienate us.
Yes we’ll stand alone feeling ‘British’. But the reality is just that; we’ll be alone. We’ll be making ourselves look even more stand offish. We’re not very popular as it is.
You only need watch Eurovision to establish that!!

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