Leisure Development to Get Something Different in Chosen Bun

Chosen Bun from London has signed up to a restaurant on Ely’s new Leisure Development which see’s a Cineworld due to open in February 2017.
But who is Chosen Bun?
Well they are currently just one store in Fulham, London who have big plans to expand with their premium burger service.
Started in 2012, Andy, Pete and James came up with the concept after pondering why no one in the world delivers proper burgers.

Andy and Pete, founders of Chosen Bun

The company have also recently signed up to stores in Cambridge, Oxford and Chelmsford but Ely is a gamble according to manager Ian Hetherington.
“It’s our first venture into Leisure Parks but because we deliver on electric bikes the underpass is a real selling point. For further distance deliveries we will use mopeds or cars but our principle is with electric.”
The store is due to open at the same time as the cinema but could open earlier. For more information on Chosen Bun see https://www.chosenbun.com

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