Lib Dems say NO to Toilet Closures

Lib Dems say NO to Toilet Closures

Lorna Dupree
Lorna Dupre has spoken out over ECDC’s agenda to close 3 of the public conveniences throughout Ely. Others are also at risk including Fordham.
The local Liberal Democrat group leader is calling everyone to oppose the closures and ask for a full consultation before any decision being made.
Councillor Lorna Dupre from the Sutton Ward told Spotted in Ely, “Without a full consultation they have no right to make such decisions. They have many things to consider, firstly they need to consider the accessibility factor. The one that will definitely stay open isn’t disabled friendly. Next is the effect on tourism. We pride ourselves on free parking so why take away the convenience after a long journey. We also need to consult with local businesses and open public premises to make sure there are alternative facilities”.
Newnham Street, Barton Road and Sacrist Gate are at risk of closure despite 2 of them being disabled friendly. Dupre continued, “We can understand Sacrist Gate being closed as there is another facility just a short walk away but Newnham and Barton are located in key locations.
“We call on everyone in Ely to get behind us and stop ECDC closing these facilities without a consultation and consideration of inconvenience that it would cause to not just ordinary people but that of tourist both who travel in cars and by coaches, families and the disabled”.
In launching her campaign at Newnham Street conveniences, she was joined by Alison & Christine Whelan, Pauline & Gareth Wilson, Jeremy & Shiela Friend-Smith, Neil Morrison & Charlotte Cane plus other members of The Liberal Democrats local group.
East Cambs is due to meet again on March 21st to consider the proposals. They claim it costs around £200,000 a year to run all the public conveniences but closing the 3 plus those out of the City could save £100,000. ECDC recently tried to consider charging 20p for entry to the toilets but rescinded this idea late last year.
You can have your say by signing the petition here:
You can also give us your opinion on the Spotted in Ely Facebook page and we will pass the comments on.


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