Little Legs Dance the Night Away

Little Legs Dance the Night Away

Never one to shy away from a challenge…..the amazing Derek Timbers and his committee, at the Littleport Ex-serviceman’s Club well and truly smashed it, with the Children In Need – Family Disco, which was held on Saturday 13th October. Raising funds for the Children in Need appeal.

Derek says, that this particular charity is close to his heart and that he likes that the money goes towards much needed children’s causes within the UK.

After a bit of a shaky start to the days plans…Due to high wind.  It was jointly agreed, that for safety reasons the booked bouncy castle would not feature (Good call all).  This would not mean the end to the fun. Just extra joy and games inside the hall.

The evening was headed by the incredible intercity disco, who chose to do the whole event for free!

The disco was accompanied by the much loved Mr Winters (Caretaker: Littleport Community Primary School) & Mrs Winters who aired their skills as make up artists! Very good children’s face painters. Which went down a storm.

Also, fun was to be had through dancing competitions. Where I am reliably informed, that some adults tried to hone their moves (AKA John Travolta style) whilst being taught by the children. Further games of traditional musical statues and bumps.

If that wasn’t enough, Jo Coe & The PORT Youth Club opened their doors to the youth clubs colourful room, for even more fun. Which is now conveniently and centrally placed within the Ex Serviceman’s Club.

Derek, his team and the community came up trumps. As well as donations before the event and on the night through ticket sales.  The providing of party snacks (Tuck shop), prizes for the children’s games and gifts for raffle hampers, business vouchers. It was estimated that a £1,000 pounds worth of gifts were given by locals, Awesome stuff.

As well as the Littleport community. Many businesses also donated time to assist the event, or to give services through gift vouchers which were raffled.

In total the incredible amount of £810.50 was raised for the Children In Need Appeal.

Well done all!


Maria x

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