Littleport Community Hub offers free advice to residents

Littleport residents can access free advice on topics such as homelessness, debt and benefits during new monthly drop in sessions.

The Littleport Community Hub was launched on March 1, and will open its doors to residents no the first Thursday of every month at Littleport Village Hall.

The hub will cover a range of topics, including mental health issues and problems with antisocial behaviour.
Organisations on hand to give advice include the Community Safety Partnership, Inclusion, Red2Green, Christians Against Poverty, Rainbow Saver Anglia, Sanctuary Housing, CHS Floating Support, Littleport Churches Together and East Cambridgeshire District Council’s housing team.
Tesco in Bar Hill will supply hot meals, while Starbucks coffee will be provided to those visiting the hub.
Littleport parish and district councillor Jo Webber said she had seen first hand the difference that Ely’s community hub has made to struggling residents.
“I am very glad that Littleport was chosen to hold the second hub in the district.
By bringing together all these key organisations in one room, we can offer residents a great opportunity to gain instant access to professional advice without leaving the village.
“I would encourage anyone who feels that they need assistance on matters such as antisocial behaviour, mediation or homelessness to visit the hub.”
Since opening its doors on February 28 last year, Ely Community Hub its doors has assisted with 1,564 enquiries, with mental health support being the main reason for people visiting.
With a number of organisations at hand to directly help with mental health, people don’t have to go through a referral process to access advice. These organisations can also help with setting up GP appointments and benefits support to help people get back on track.
A frequent user of the Ely community hub has praised the service, saying it’s helped her to rebuild her life.
“I can access a hot meal and a hot drink and there is always someone there to answer my questions and provide an ear.
“One of the team from the council came with me to set up a bank account and sort all of my benefits. They set to work within the hour of me walking into reception and found me a room in a shared house and also sheltered accommodation.
“People in Ely are very generous. I was making around £50 a day on the streets but the council team worked with me to get me into housing and help get my life back on track.”
The Littleport Community Hub is held on the first Thursday of every month from 10am until 1pm at Littleport Village Hall.

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