Local Aussie takes on First Stage of Tour de France for Prostate Cancer

Local Aussie takes on First Stage of Tour de France for Prostate Cancer

The Minster Tavern would like to introduce you to Mr David Lay. Wonderful guy, Australian, although we try not to hold that against him. Well over 6 feet tall, a gentle giant of a man currently working for the NHS having recently changed his career and retrained. He’s 46, a massive rugby fan, he seems to like most sports except the ones Australia have lost. I have a huge amount of admiration for this guy even before he made the decision to do what he’s going to.

He has decided he needs to take on a new challenge so he’s going to participate in an official event run by and in aid of Prostate Cancer UK: the first stage of the Tour de France which will take place next June. That’s 120 miles or 193 Km. in 12 hours. If he doesn’t compete in the set time he will be ‘swept up’ by the organisers and sent home.

His longest ride so far is 30 miles. The challenge here is huge and the commitment needed even more so but he says he’s going to do it and I believe him. Here at the Minster Tavern we want to do as much as we can to support him, starting with but definitely not ending with, raising the £1000 he needs to take part.

We are kicking off the fund-raising with a bit of an old school knees up at the pub for Halloween, local group EZY3 and special guest Tom Jakes have agreed to play for free on Wednesday 31st October from 7pm and we are just hoping that you will come along, have a bit of fun and put your money in your pockets for Prostate Cancer UK and Dave while you are here.

We have plenty of ideas for fund-raising events and we definitely want to keep the fun in fund-raising so please like our Facebook page as well as watching Spotted in Ely for updates on what we have planned next.

Prostate cancer affects 1 in 8 white men, 1 in 4 black men and the risk doubles if a close female relative has had cancer. With early discovery the remission rate is high but men are too scared to talk about this very personal subject. We want to push men into opening up more and being brave enough to talk to relatives about this subject and to have the necessary checks at the doctor.

Why would anyone let embarrassment get in the way of living?

From The Minster Tavern

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