Local Woman Holds Fundraiser to Fund Genetics Test

Local Woman Holds Fundraiser to Fund Genetics Test

On Saturday, 17th November, local woman Tia Colcomb will be hosting a fundraising evening full of magic, music, and fun activities.

Tia’s Bright Stars evening, taking place at Littleport Village Hall, will raise money for a potentially life-changing genetics test which Tia has been told by doctors will be a crucial part of her ongoing treatment for multiple chronic conditions. These affect her ability to work or to live normally. Unfortunately, due to additional health complexities the test Tia needs is not available on the NHS.

Tia is currently having tests for a condition called Ehlers Danlos syndrome, as well as the chronic condition porphyria. These affect major organs as well as affecting the nervous system.

After years of treatment and mis-diagnoses Tia’s specialists have advised her next step is to have a more complex test for porphyria. This is done by means of a genetics test which is currently not available on the NHS, and would add a very significant piece to Tia’s ever-developing medical puzzle, helping to define the right course of treatment in the future. Unfortunately, the test which Tia needs is not cheap.

Tia says: “This test is so important to my future health and the results will mean I can live a better quality of life, including having children, which is sadly, currently not an option. I am a highly motivated person and I want so badly to lead a normal life – to walk, to eat normally, to work! – but I struggle to do even the simplest of things because of the ambiguity of my health. Because of the fact that I can’t work regularly I am also struggling to raise the funds to pay for this test. I am not one to ask for money so instead I thought I’d throw a party and entertain the party-goes in exchange for their donations!” 

When Tia is well enough she runs Bumbly Bee’s, a local musical group for children aged up to four years. She describes it as a fun place for children and adults to learn and grow in a relaxing atmosphere, helping with development. When at full health Tia also enjoys singing, although her conditions don’t allow for this very often.

At Tia’s Bright Stars fundraising evening (sponsored by The Nail Place, Littleport & Ashco Building & maintenance Services) you can look forward to various live musical acts (billed for all ages and tastes!), The headline act is Run for Cover, we also have Gemma Raymond magician and illusionist, Tia and the Bandits, Beard to the Bone and Tia and Kevin.  A wide range of music something for everybody and various other fundraising activities to join in with on the night.

Doors open at 7pm at Littleport Village Hall on Saturday 17th November. More information visit bit.ly/tiasbrightstars, or buy tickets at paypal.me/tiasbrightstars

Please note: the evening is not catered to please bring your own drinks.

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