Magical marauding at Ely shop!

Magical marauding at Ely shop!

Do you believe in fairies?

Spotted in Ely has received reports of pixies and dragons flying into Tindalls art supplies shop.

Witches and wizards have joined in the mischief – and despite being miles away from the coast, mermaids have managed to swim to the Market Street store.

Unicorn by Alison King.

Customers have also reported mysterious sightings of fairy houses and toadstools springing up – almost overnight!
Mushroom fairy house by Monica Howlett

We can reveal that the magical meanderings are all part of a kindness project by members of Spotted in Ely Rocks.
For the past few weeks, rockers have been decorating fantastical pebbles with a fairytale theme.
Fairytale rocks are growing by the day!

These will be used for an Enchanted Trail to help poorly kids.
Tindalls is providing a drop off place for the fairytale rocks.

On April 29, the fairies of Nowton Park in Bury St Edmunds will cast a magic spell, allowing humans to see the dwellings of the enchanted folk who inhabit the walled gardens – but careful not to wake the sleeping troll!
As well as the enchanted trail, children are invited to participate in natural craft activities. There will also be a woodland photo booth, face painting, storytelling, stalls and a raffle.
Pumpkin house by Paula Woodruffe

All proceeds go to the My WiSH charity, supporting youngsters being treated at the West Suffolk Hospital.
Tickets cost £8 per child, with free entry for adults and kids under two.
Fairytale themed rocks can be dropped off at Tindalls in Ely before April 25.
For more information about The Enchanted Trail click here.

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