Matryoshka mania sweeps Ely – and beyond!

Matryoshka mania sweeps Ely – and beyond!

It may be freezing outside but Natasha doesn’t mind. Despite being “born” in Ely, she has Baltic blood (who said you can’t get blood out of a stone?) and doesn’t mind being cold. Stone cold, to be precise.

That’s because Natasha’s a rock of art, crafted by Ely College teacher Fleur Patten – and for the past fortnight, she’s been on an adventure!

Her last sighting was in London’s Richmond Park, but intrepid Natasha appears to be headed for more fun and frolics.

Kate Proudman, who found the intrepid matryoshka doll on Sunday, has since taken Natasha “up the motorway to be hidden in another far away destination as we speak”, she told Love on the Rocks Cambridgeshire.
On 17 November Natasha was stashed away at Ely Station to be discovered by station staff.
After posing for a selfie, they re-hid her between platforms two and three. Later that day she was spotted boarding a train to King’s Cross!
Meanwhile Natasha’s twin sister Natalia is having her own adventures closer to home.
Hidden by Fleur on the same day that Natasha was dropped off at Ely Station, Natalia was first left at St Mary’s Surgery but has since travelled onto March – only to end up at Ely Waitrose this week!

Jane Emms, who found Natalia on Monday, posted: “Spotted in Waitrose this little beauty! She has brought a smile to my face and I think she’s a true work of art.”
Matryoshka mania appears to have hit Ely, with three more Russian doll rocks made by Fleur being discovered in Wellend Place, Allan Road and The Eel Catcher’s Daughter.

We’d love to hear where they end up next – so be sure to keep us posted on Spotted in Ely Rocks, our own Facebook group celebrating rock art!

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