Members of the Cambs Youth Consultation Panel attended the House of Commons

Seven members of the Cambs Youth Consultation Panel attended the House of Commons with Sergeant Phil Priestley on Wednesday 20th June for a meeting with Lucy Frazer QC MP to discuss knife crime and youth violence.
Parliament was an absolute hive of activity with the Brexit debate heavily underway.
Sgt Priestley said “Parliament was absolutely dizzy with activity yesterday – and it was remarkable that Lucy Frazer was able to honour her appointment in the middle of it all. As we closed our meeting she actually had to go and vote on the Brexit question! We were incredibly grateful to Lucy for her time and support.”
The Cambs Youth Consultation Panel were formed in June 2016 and celebrated their second year this month. The group are currently working on an ambitious project to bring students from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida to Cambridgeshire.
Francesca Galelli (15) of Soham Village College explains “We want to bring them [Parkland students] to our area because they have been such an inspiration to us. We know that nobody understand the effects of youth violence better than them, and that people will listen to their experiences.”
Last week the Youth Panel submitted a £5,000 bid to the Home Office Knife Crime Community Fund and today they sought the support of Lucy Frazer to back that bid.
Ed Ouzman (16) of Witchford Village College took time off from his GCSE revision to join the group in Westminster “Lucy was keen to hear what we had to say, and she was fully supportive of our work. We gave her a copy of the bid and she has told us that she will support us in every way that she can.”
Youth violence and knife crime has been an increasingly prominent concern – both on a national level and locally in 2018. The Youth Consultation Panel believe that it will be very difficult to legislate against knives – but recommend winning the hearts and minds of young people to combat the problem.
Rory Dingly (16) of Witchford Village College finished his GCSE exams last week and is hoping to claim a place at Long Road Sixth Form College to study A Levels. Rory said:
“Knives are everywhere and we need them in daily life. Even pencil sharpeners have to have blades in them. You can’t get away from blades and knives. Every office has scissors, every kitchen has a cook’s knife. You have to stop people from wanting to carry them as weapons.”
The Cambs Youth Consultation Panel are seeking financial support and donations to help them reach a total of £10,000. They are seeking donations of all sizes – from private individuals and commercial sponsors. If you would like to help, please email  


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