Modified car meet called off, organisers promising a "bigger and better" legal event

Modified car meet called off, organisers promising a "bigger and better" legal event

The organisers of a local car enthusiast group has called off their End of Summer Meet at an Ely car park, following warnings from police to stay away.
Last night East Cambs Modified posted on their Facebook page that the controversial event would be changed to a different day at a “legal location”, as police “really do  not want this meet to happen and have put out a dispersal order in Ely to stop this”.
East Cambs Modified wrote: “So it pains me very much to say this and let them win but we are going to be delaying our end of summer meet because of this as we do not want to waste your time you turn up and the police shut it down. This meet will be changing date and be changed to a legal location and will be either on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon as the days are getting shorter.”
The group promised that the new location would be “bigger and better” than the original meet at Angel Drove Car Park, adding: “We still can not understand why the police would want to stop such a great way of gathering together that all enjoy the same thing. And just want to meet up and enjoy each other’s cars. They clearly don’t have anything better to do at the moment.”

Picture: Wikipedia
Picture: Wikipedia

Yesterday Spotted in Ely reported that East Cambridgeshire District Council had taken the unusual step to close Angel Drove Car Park on Saturday night, following previous complaints of antisocial behaviour from local residents to police.
Police warned those attending the East Cambs Modified End of Summer Meet to stay away, adding that they had received former complaints of antisocial behaviour.
On its Facebook page, Policing East Cambridgeshire said the Angel Drove Car Park would be closed “to prevent a modified car meet taking place there”.
They added that a dispersal order will be in force throughout that period.
The decision has divided the community, with many residents supporting the crack down, while others are arguing that car enthusiasts are better off congregating at a car park rather than on public roads.

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