More than £1100 raised through Curry and Calendars

Last night Sylhet in Ely held a Curry Night for Ely Community First Responders with the aim of buying a new life saving defibrillator for Ely.
The aim was to raise £777 which was exceeded when money from the night and calendar sales from Spotted in Ely added together.
Zahid Ahmed, owner of Sylhet said, “Ely needs these amazing people and I know they have already saved lives. Anything we can do to help then we shall”.
With the First Responders at the meal, they had a chance to talk about what they do and thank each person for supporter them. The responders get no financial help and not even expenses to operate throughout the Ely area. Everything they buy is through donations only.
The extra money will be split between the First Responders and Foodbank.
The Foodbank entered the Ely Soup last week but didn’t win the voting pot so Zahid wanted to help them to.
The new mobile defibrillator will be in operation in Ely within the next couple of weeks.
For more information on the First Responders then visit:

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