The Mystery of Littleports Random Act of Kindness

The Mystery of Littleports Random Act of Kindness

This morning Littleport residents woke up to little surprises all over the village, 50 of them in fact and all courtesy of The Port Youth Group!

It was all part of the ‘Community Smile Project’ and trying to get a group of young people to keep the secret was the biggest challenge, but they succeeded.
With thanks to the Sharmans and Twenty Pence Garden Centres, the youth group, made up of year 6’s above have made their village proud.
There was also another objective to the day. The project was used to demonstrate how quick a kind random act could be spread across social media and how one small gift changes a person day.
Joanne Coe, co-ordinator for the group told us “The youths have really done a fab job & kept it a secret, which must have been a challenge”.

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