New craze rocks Ely

New craze rocks Ely

A quirky new craze is rocking Ely – one psychedelic stone at a time.

Hand painted rocks with different designs have been left at strategic destinations across the city by Ely resident Fleur Patten and her son George – with the hope that they will melt even the stoniest of hearts.

The idea behind these hidden gems is to spread some cheer and get people engaging in art, Fleur told Spotted in Ely.
“What’s not to love?

“It’s creative but not intimidating because anyone can paint or write from a pattern to a portrait. It’s not expensive because you find a pebble, wash it, chalk, paint or colour something, then hide your masterpiece.”

Another attraction is that the pastime’s accessible to all and gets people out of the house to hide their rocks of art.
“Then you can have as little or as much social interaction as you like following your rock. I think it’s a perfect local community or global community idea. It satisfies that simple giving and receiving ideal. It’s a win win activity in our complicated and often isolationist world today.”

One of Fleur’s first creations to fly the coop last weekend were a hand-painted owl and four-leafed clovers, to be discovered by lucky passers-by near Ely Cathedral and Starbucks.
Dr Who fan George, 13, left a Tardis themed rock at Sainsbury’s.

Talking FreEly founder Anthony Sigrist is also promoting rock drops, thinking it would kill two birds with one stone – encouraging people to have fun while publicising his group, which set up to get residents talking about mental health.
Well technically five stones, lovingly left around Ely a couple of months ago and created by a member of the group.
“The idea of painting it was to make people smile and to raise awareness about Talking FreEly.”
Rockers can log onto My Rock Tracker to receive a tracking number for their creations, which allows them to follow their progress.
Once a rock has been dropped or found, providing it contains the tracking number and Rock Tracker web address, it can then be traced if those receiving it play along.
According to the tracking site, four rocks were found in Ely on November 10.

These random acts of kindness are fast sweeping the nation; UK based Facebook group Love on the Rocks already has over 50,000 members.
So what are you waiting for? Get rocking and spread the love!
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