News from the Beat

Annie Austin (Police, PCSO, Ely – Littleport & West)
Afternoon E-coppers,
Hope this finds you all well and enjoying the nice weather?
Yesterday found me out and about on foot patrol in the village and where I had the opportunity to introduce myself to a few more shops and organisations. As a local officer it is always a pleasure to meet new people and listen to their views and issues in order to get a feel and understanding for the community. It will certainly take some time to get established, but I hope over the coming months to get to know more businesses and clubs in the area. Please feel free to stop and talk to me if you happen to see me out and about!
One reoccurring issue which seems to never go away in all towns and villages, is the parking problems created during the daily ‘School Run’. I took the time to walk past the long line of parked vehicles on Grange Lane during the afternoon run. To my dismay, I found cars parked fully on the pavement opposite the school, some vehicle blocking garage doors. Other vehicles were parked on the single yellow lines, the yellow zig zag lines and in the gated entrances. One vehicle was even parked on the ‘Give Way’ markings on the chicane! All of these positions are either illegal, (and all drivers will know this), dangerous or simply inconsiderate.
In addition to this, I found several cars parked in the entrance to the construction site where there are clearly visible signs saying ‘No Entry’ and access to ‘Construction Vehicles Only’. This I find particularly worrying, as the very nature of these heavy duty construction vehicles perhaps verses a small child going to a parent’s car, simply doesn’t bare thinking about! Furthermore, anyone parked here is trespassing.
Similar to the issues experienced by road users and residents in Parsons Lane, I decided not to issue any parking tickets yesterday, but instead placed flyers on every single car (whether parked legally or not) reminding all drivers of their responsibility to park safely.
From now on however, there will be a no tolerance policy outside either school, and if needed I will request other officers to assist me with issuing future tickets.
Kind regards
PCSO Annie Austin 7353
Ely North Team

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